Info Screen Solution

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An Infoscreen is a large digital screen on subway and suburban train platforms in major German cities. In a low-stimulus public space, they attract special attention; your target group is obviously grateful for any variety during the average five-minute wait for the train. Your advertising is this welcome change and can even convey comprehensive messages that are actually perceived.

Thanks to the high proportion of editorial and varied content, an Infoscreen creates an environment in which your message is positively received. With its regionally selected program, each Infoscreen stands for the city in which it is located and is perceived as part of it, instead of being demonized as another advertising medium.

Switching content on info screens

Booking an advertising spot within an Infoscreen program gives you the opportunity to present your company in a trustworthy way. The viewer of an Infoscreen does not feel frightened by your advertising and trusts the content shown more than would be the case elsewhere.

Infoscreens attract particular attention thanks to their low-stimulus environment. The average waiting time of five minutes arouses interest thanks to the particularly high proportion of editorial, varied content. Infoscreens also offer a high density of space in major cities, so you can reach a particularly large number of interested parties. You can be sure of the trust of our customers, as they identify with the regional program of their city and an info screen is still never perceived as an intrusive advertising medium.

The Infoscreen Program

The screens are up to date daily from 06.00 to 24.00. The program of the screens is informative, varied and always focused on the latest trends. News from politics, sports and business are shown. Sports news, lifestyle and cultural tips are also not to be missed. Cartoons for the little ones are a wide constant of the program and provide welcome entertainment in brilliant moving image quality.

The program guarantees the viewers' attention. Once this has been gained, it lasts until the viewers have to move on and watch your program on another info screen.