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OUTDOOR ENCLOSURE – With the IntelliSpot® TV Outdoor Media display enclosure everyone can make use of the new digital signage technology in exposed outdoor areas. Our modules are available in various sizes and designs and protect your media equipment in a safe and stylish way. The IntelliSpot® TV Outdoor Media display enclosures are designed for use either indoors or in an unprotected outdoor area and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, our products are totally vandal-proof. TFT displays of all known manufacturers can be installed in the IntelliSpot® TV Outdoor Media enclosure.

On request we can provide you with a complete package. These display modules can be found already in shopping malls, stores and hotels, but also in ski locations, railway, and airports as well as in public transport. Our media display enclosures offer a unique and totally secure way to present, for example, your digital content such as timetables, offers, prices or digital advertising on a display in the outdoor area. The enclosures can withstand temperatures between -30 and +40 degrees Celsius with no problem; the enclosures are completely weatherproof, waterproof and vandal safe. All modules are equipped with built-in ventilation and can even be equipped with additional heating when required. By using IntelliSpot® TV Outdoor Media display modules at railway stations, airports, bus stations and travel agencies, hotels, travelers get bundled and immediate information on all departure times, delays or canceled buses ..

Areas of usage

City information, tourist information, airport display, train station display, customer information, product advice, hotel information, events, info system, weather station and more.

Locations (examples)
Shopping Center, stadiums, airports, railway stations, bus stations, hill stations, cable cars, hotels, retail, public offices, public facilities, convention centers, companies, car dealer, schools, universities, hospitals, and more.

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