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IntelliSpot® TV

is “the” solution for an effective and modern sales approach and sales support at point of sale (POS) – intuitive, immediate and cost-reducing. By using a digital poster (Plasma / LCD / projector / etc.) you inform your customers with effective content. This way you can present your products and services impressively. Put your products in scene in an entertaining and sale-completion oriented way and increase your sales at the point of sale, the place where 70% of all purchasing decisions are made.

With our all-in-one solution, we provide a flexible information and advertising system. Different content created in a playlist is reproduced in freely definable regions. Displayable contents range from graphics (JPEG, GIF, etc.), animations (animated gif, flash, etc.), video (wmv, mpeg, etc.), web pages (PHP, HTML, Java) to high definition formats, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, etc. It is placed as a multi-image- (multiple picture windows with different content can be displayed simultaneously) and multi-channel output platform (on multiple screens are different playable contents).

The system can also record RSS Feeds / ticker information (eg ad-hoc reports, etc.). The image processing is designed for videos and scrolling texts to run smoothly and for synchronously different play outs on multiple displays at different times to be possible. The platform also allows to extend the functionality of the system in different directions. For example, the connection to different databases / servers is possible to “tap off” information such as departure / arrival times, weather information, stock market news / quotes, news, visual training design / advertising for gyms, etc..

The INTELLISPOT® administration is completely web-based and is therefore independent of location.

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