Buy a video wall

Buy a video wall

In our digitally “spoiled” time, presentations and visibility depend more than ever on an ideal and convenient technical solution. The right large screen, the appropriate video wall or a representative video wall ensure a clear view in every situation and in every position. The variety of locations calls for the perfect equipment. An indoor video wall must meet different requirements than an outdoor video wall. Taking into account the lighting conditions and the distance of the viewer are crucial for a loss-free perception of content. The spectrum ranges from an indoor video wall, which describes detailed technical processes, to an outdoor video wall, on which a live recording of the stage is presented.

In the context of sales and presentation events, the use and utilization of moving images is of particular importance. A video wall exhibition introduces the company and the products or services. A video wall fair attracts attention, conveying information as well as image. In order to address the audience correctly, a brilliant reproduction quality is required, as provided by an LED video wall or an LED video wall. An appropriate size of the video wall, the video wall or the large screen ensures a pleasant reception from every point of view, without "overwhelming" the viewer. The additionally optimized resolution of the pixels provides eye-friendly sharpness and contrast, regardless of whether fast moving images or extensive static content are fed in.

Indoor video wall and outdoor video wall

Every LED video wall or LED video wall can only be used as well as it is operated and controlled. Modern digital technology and reproducibility make people the weakest link in the chain. A sophisticated video wall control system gets the most out of the video wall indoor and the video wall outdoor. The video wall controller can be used to react to all eventualities and individual dynamics. The video wall software allows adaptations to changes in the content of the presentations and the external conditions. Any shadows that arise over the course of a day can be compensated for by advanced control technology and the content on the video wall outdoors can be kept clearly visible at all times.

Video wall fair

Anyone who uses a large screen in the conference room as a presentation support has completely different demands on the video wall control than the video wall controller at a live concert. The sophisticated control technology is perfectly adapted to the respective purpose in terms of both performance and ease of use. While a video wall exhibition or an indoor video wall often runs “as if by itself” according to a basic setting, a variable and flexible control system must guarantee perfect reproduction at all times for moving images, dynamic and changing content and external influences. For every task and application, the ideal control system can be connected to the video wall, video wall or large screen, whether for occasional switching or permanent signal and output control.

Video wall costs

Even the most modern LED video wall or LED video wall cannot fully exploit its technical properties if it is poorly placed. The experienced employees of IntelliSpot®TV advise and take into account the lighting conditions, the type and shape of the location and all potential influences. Like a video wall, a large screen must be placed indoors in such a way that the viewers do not stand in each other's way. Architectural conditions must be included in the planning so as not to move corners, bay windows or pillars out of the field of view of the indoor video wall. If the project requires an outdoor video wall, weather and weather influences must be taken into account. Daylight and sunlight change depending on the direction and angle of incidence.

Video wall costs

The IntelliSpot®TV offer combines the required and required devices together with individual deployment and implementation planning to create the perfect package for all kinds of tasks. Audiovisual requirements, size and type of use determine the video wall price. Whether operating personnel has to be present on site or an indoor or outdoor video wall to be supervised by the tenant is set up, represents a further cost factor. The diverse experience of the experts at IntelliSpot®TV allows for a precisely tailored product. In addition, factors such as frequency of use and the Vedeowand price can be put in relation to each other during planning and before implementation. Experts can tell companies the point in time when it pays off, when it is economically preferable to buy a video wall or to rent a video wall.


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