IntelliSpot® TV is “the” solution for an effective and modern sales approach and sales support at point of sale (POS) – intuitive, immediate and..

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  Multimedia pillars / glass columns

Multimedia pillars / glass columns

Multimedia pillars / glass columns Our multimedia pillars or glass columns have been developed specifically for the field of digital signage and serve…

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  iKIOSK Kiosk Systems

iKIOSK Kiosk Systems

Kiosk Systems / Information Systems are public information systems at which your customers can retrieve requested information on a touch screen or keyboard….

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  • DIGITAL SIGNAGE Digital Poster

    DIGITAL SIGNAGE Digital Poster

  • Multimedia pillars / glass columns

    Multimedia pillars / glass columns

  • iKIOSK Kiosk Systems

    iKIOSK Kiosk Systems


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IntelliSpot® TV – Digital Signage Systems

Intellispot®TV is your own advertising channel

Here you present your information and advertising content on screen, projector or tablet.

Be your own program director

You define your content, assign them freely to elected positions on the screen or rely on predefined templates. From images, text, PowerPoint presentations, video clips, flash animations and much more, you can build your individual program.

Some examples of Digital Signage

  • Daily updated product offers / promotions
  • Information / Directional system
  • Integration of advertisers
  • Current weather, politics, stock market news
  • The new training plan in the gym
  • Web content e.g., Youtube, Facebook, Twitter
  • Departures / Arrivals bus / train / plane
  • Seminars / Workshops / Events
  • Support of sales staff
  • Diet information for canteens
  • Upcoming events

Make Money with Intellispot®TV

Decide which ads are to be seen on your presentation media. Offer partner companies to advertise
with you. Since Intellispot®TV supports all popular file formats you can provide a multi-media
advertising platform.

Target groups and time sensitive content

Morning news, yellow press at noon and ambience in the evening – just as your audience changes, so does the content. You decide what information will be sent at what time and at what place.

Everything you need to manage Intellispot®TV is Internet access. Administration is completely web-based and is independent of location. With our digital signage solution you can create an efficient, emotional and daily updated information medium easily and independently. Use Intellispot®TV to increase the performance of your services and products and thus provide for measurable increases in sales

Your benefits

  1. Perfect visualization of your products and services
  2. Increase revenue by improved perception
  3. Content updates in seconds
  4. Very flexible and easy web-based administration
  5. Cost savings (use of print media is declining)
  6. Multimedia and emotional display options (animations, movies, flash, etc.)
  7. Refinancing by advertising partners
  8. Free choice of content / no adhesion contracts
  9. Promote Image


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Digital signage in general

Digital signage or digital billboarding is often used incorrectly when moving images with different displays, such as plasma or LCD screens, are displayed. Manufacturers of large-screen displays and projectors, equipment providers of conference and exhibition technology or even television stations are often referred to as "digital signage providers". Read more

Typical applications of Digital Signage

Digital signage is increasingly being found in public places. Advertisements and information are displayed on screens. At airports and railway stations the electronic representation of arrival and departure times, delays, etc. has already been applied for some time. Read more