Leuchtkasten und Leuchtreklame

The first advertising with light was installed in Berlin shortly before the beginning of the twentieth century. What was then the talk of the town experienced a worldwide boom starting in the 1950s with installations in New York's Times Square. Today, it is impossible to imagine shopping streets and shopping centers without neon signs and illuminated advertising. In addition to attracting attention, illuminated advertising is a must in Central Europe with its dark season lasting several months. Those who use advertising with light have a wide choice of manifestations that strike a good balance between sight and information content. In order to be able to perfectly present one's individual message with a luminous display, IntelliSpot®TV offers everything related to advertising with light, from consulting to implementation to purchase.

Leuchtkasten Beleuchtung

Die Platzierung und der gewünschte Effekt von Leuchtkästen und Lichtwerbung werden durch viele Faktoren beeinflusst. Die Aufgabe von individueller Leuchtreklame reicht von der Beschilderung eines Ladengeschäfts über zeitweise Bewerbung von Produkten oder Dienstleistungen bis zu Image bildender Lichtwerbung auf Dauer.

IntelliSpot®TV führt in seinem Portfolio Leuchtkästen, die jedem Zweck optimal angepasst werden können. Das Betreiben der Lichtwerbung kann mit konstanter oder wechselnder Beleuchtung in Farbe und Helligkeit erfolgen. Als Lichtquellen können Neonröhren, Glühlampen und LEDs eingesetzt werden. Lauflichtfunktionen sind genauso technisch implementierbar wie Blink- und Dämmer- und Dimmer Funktionen.

Zeit Schaltungen steuern den Leuchtkasten und regelt den Betrieb zu den gewünschten Zeiten.

Changeable contents

If you want to change the motif of a light display more frequently, choose a light box in which slide foils can be inserted. A daily adjustment of the illuminated advertising for events, trade fairs or the presentation of temporary special offers is no problem with these light boxes. They are available in single and double-sided versions. In the case of double-sided illuminated advertising, the motifs can of course differ from each other. The light display with slide insertion device can be adapted in a very short time thanks to a sophisticated snap frame technology that is as quick as it is easy to use. In addition to the supporting light boxes for indoor and outdoor use, the IntelliSpot®TV offer also includes the matching exchangeable slide foils.

Single or double-sided motifs

In order for the lightbox to be individually adapted to its place of action, structural conditions, the field of vision of passers-by and potential customers, and the intended content-related information and signal effect must be optimally coordinated. For illuminated advertising that is not only illuminating in the technical sense, the IntelliSpot®TV product range offers flexible solutions for adapting light boxes to their task. Static or changeable motifs can be placed on one side of walls, mounted protruding as cantilevers with identical or different motifs, or even given all-round visibility with four surfaces in the light display as a cube or cuboid. The illuminants in the light display are matched to the motifs in terms of brightness and radiation intensity to guarantee a glare-free visual image.

Forms and places of use

Depending on the purpose and mounting location, different sizes, shapes and mounting types are required for light boxes. The IntelliSpot®TV range includes rectangular, round, oval, cube and special shapes. Each version of the light display is available with or without a top cover. Mounting forms range from bolting on a single-sided light display, to side mounting as a double-sided cantilever, to upright and suspended versions. Typical façade strips for large-area store lighting can be ideally used for gastronomy by means of cantilevers with partial motifs taken from the façade strip. Illuminated cuboids and light cubes find their place on canopies, can resemble advertising signage when placed on a substructure, or attract 360-degree attention when freely suspended.

Business and store sign as light box

A special task is performed by illuminated advertising, which serves as a store sign. In retail and gastronomy, advertising with light has an inviting and confidence-inspiring effect. If you want to have a lightbox designed, you should support this effect with the selection of your individual lightbox. In addition to the selection of rectangular, round and oval surfaces in light advertising, a light display can also be provided as a relief body or in a special format by IntelliSpot®TV. For outdoor light advertising, the light boxes are designed to be wind and weather resistant, withstanding heavy precipitation and large temperature differences. The light box suitable for outdoor use, regardless of its shape, brings the necessary UV resistance in the light display.